1. Mafioso (Tomáš Liška)
2. Hope (Tomáš Liška)
3. Shaker (Tomáš Liška)
4. Soundtrack (Tomáš Liška)
5. Para Virgi (Tomáš Liška)
6. Dunga Runga (Tomáš Liška)
7. Frankie (Tomáš Liška)
8. Another Thing to Think About (Tomáš Liška)
9. Hope (Radio Edit)


Tomáš Liška – acoustic, electric & piccolo bass, voice
Nikola Zarić – accordion, voice
Efe Turumtay – violin, voice
Kamil Slezák – drums, cajon & percussion, voice
Sakina Teyna - voice (2,6,7,9)
Sound & mix: Adam Karlík (Sono Records, Nouzov)
Mastering: Adam & Pavel Karlík (Sono Records, Nouzov)
Copyright: Invisible Records (2020)


1. Safran (Tomáš Liška) 
2. Kalimba (Tomáš Liška)
3. People from Faldum (Tomáš Liška)
4. Waiting for the Moment (Tomáš Liška)
5. Bartaruga (Tomáš Liška)
6. Bahçada yeşil çınar (traditional) 
7. The First Flight (Tomáš Liška) 
8. Questions (Tomáš Liška)



Tomáš Liška – acoustic bass
Nikola Zarić – accordion
Efe Turumtay – violin & voice
David Dorůžka – acoustic & electric guitars
Kamil Slezák – drums, cajon & percussion
Sound & mix: Milan Cimfe (Sono Records, Nouzov)
Mastering: Pavel Karlík (Sono Records, Nouzov)
Copyright: Animal Music (2017)

On his new album „Invisible Faces“, released by Animal Music, bassist and composer Tomáš Liška returns to the style and sound of his successful project „Invisible World“ (2009), being supported by Serbian accordeonist Nikola Zarić, Turkish violinist Efe Turumtay, legendary Czech guitarist David Dorůžka and Czech percussionist Kamil Slezák.

On his album „Invisible Faces“, bassist and composer Tomáš Liška returns to the style and sound of his successful project „Invisible World“ (2009). Liška´s own compositions (accompanied here by one Turkish folk tune), inspired by folk music of various origins, oscillate between lyrical melodies and rhythmical explosiveness and offer powerful emotional experience.